A downloadable adult game

A fallen god has to live with an innocent angel and a very lewd demon, while he struggles to keep his desires at bay

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StatusIn development
Rated 3.4 out of 5 stars
(29 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, animated, Kinetic Novel, NSFW, Ren'Py, Romance, sex, twins


TaleOfEros-ch6-pc.zip 699 MB
TaleOfEros-ch6-mac.zip 682 MB
TaleOfEros-CH6-the66.apk 204 MB

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what does futa mean? I couldn’t find a place on your game neko paradise to ask

girl with dong

Girl with dong and vag. Not to be confused with shemale or trans. Testies not always included.

Are you still working on this one?

I have an apprentice slowly doing artwork for it, but it's a slow process.


I'm thinking Alorth forgot about this game. I see his name on a lot of stuff, not just his own projects, so I'm thinking this may have fallen by the wayside for now. Maybe he will remember it sometime later. I mean it always takes him a long time to update anything but a year is twice as long as anything else I can think of. I just check back on his stuff randomly now. I no longer expect any updates on anything and consider it lucky if it happens.

I personally wish he would spend less time helping others with their projects and spend more time on his own.

It won't let me play your game. I can't install it just stuck in a queuing loop

The issue is not part of the files, it's for sure something technical on your side, you should check your available memory or restart your phone.

Wasn't trying to download it on my phone. Pc has 1 tb of free space available 32 gb of memory accessing through the pc launcher not the website downloaded your prequel story for the game (great little poem loved it!) for the game as well as neko paradise was checking this out because the writing in neko paradise was so good.

Downloaded several games since then.

Have attempted to download your game through the client many times restarting pc downloading at different times. Trying to see if I have broken install file for it in the folder.

The one I thing I haven't tried is downloading it directly from the website instead of the game client. I will try that when I get home.

(But I have successfully downloaded 50 some odd games and while doing so periodically kept coming back to try and download yours again (bought that Pakistan aid bundle) to no avail


Don't know what the issue could be, but you can join my discord and try any of the download links from there in the public_releases section.

Could just be that the desktop itch.io app can't download it, some of the games hosted on here just have that issue.


This game was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I'm glad that I played it.

Is there any finger gestures on android to get to the menu like there is to hide the dialogue box? Somehow my menu bar disappeared and so I can't change any settings or save files.

Nevermind, I guess there is a gesture that removes it. I got it back


Will there be any future updates?


yes, at least one more is coming soon for now.

Obviously not too soon.

really liked the story themed   finished full story   waiting for more  games    like this 

i this game include female domination femdom bdsm ?

Nope, it doesn't